Business License Application


“Before a municipality is allowed to grant a business license or other document required to operate a
business the municipality must obtain from the business an E-Verify affidavit. If the business is a private
employer “engaged in a profession or business required to be licensed by the state under Title 43” then the municipality is required to obtain proof of state licensure before granting the local business license.
Title 43 of the Georgia Code contains mandates for state licensure for a large number of professions, including, but not limited to, barbers, cosmetologists, electricians, plumbers, nurses, contractors, transient merchants, used car salesmen, and many more. This mandate has been in the law for a number of years but it is important to reiterate these requirements because the new immigration related state laws have attached significant penalties to failure to comply with this mandate.”

The Department of Homeland Security 
(888) 464-4218

Business License Occupational Tax for License Fees

           First 10 employees____________ X $25.00
Next 10 employees ____________ X $18.75
Next 10 employees ____________ X $14.06
Next 10 employees ____________ X $10.55
Next 10 employees _____________ X $ 6.33
Remaining employees _____________ X $ 1.90

Business License Forms

To print a copy of the business license form click Here